Limitless Fun

Using a 3D pen, simply draw basic lines and shapes inside the mat grooves and let your creativity and imagination flow. With the 3Dmate™ BASE the sky’s the limit - product prototypes, landmark structures, rockets, vehicles, doll houses etc.

3Dmate Design Mat

Suitable and fun for all levels - from beginner to expert, kids and adults.

3DMate ™ BASE The World’s First Multi-Purpose 3D Design Mat for 3D Printing Pens.

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3Dmate™ BASE

A multi-purpose transparent 3D silicone mat.  A creation tool for building and creating designs using a 3D pen.  Suitable and fun for all levels - from beginner to expert, kids and adults.


Grooved Transparent Mat

Contains a combination of basic geometric figures of various compatible sizes


Allows to draw within the grooves

The grooves keep the hot filament in place and prevent warping.  Once the filament cools it can be popped out freely and remains solid, allowing it to fuse with other pieces.


Heat resistant

Heat resistant up to 260° C (500° F), non-stick and compatible with all filaments and 3D Pens on the market.


“Fuse and Join” Area

uniquely designed to improve precision and accuracy for creating perfect cubes, pyramids etc.


Stencils Designed for 3Dmate™ BASE

To further encourage creativity we will have traceable stencils specifically designed for the mat.


After trying this mat I can see it being tremendous help for students using 3D pens. The variety of geometric figures and their sizes make this product very versatile. It’s great accessory for teaching science and geometry helping to create precise and accurate polygons. The mat is also very useful in art classes allowing students to express their creativity. The mat worked with with both ABS and PLA filaments. I was able to remove the the creations with ease every time

Lauren W. Scotto - Artist and Art Teacher

I've been looking for a quality product like this. This mat is amazing for architecture or geometric models. Schools using 3dpens would find it useful. I love that it's flexible silicone, perfect for all kinds of plastic. The grooves keep the plastic straight while cooling. The variety of shapes and sizes is also wonderful. Having the printed rulers, and being able to see through the sheet in case I have a design I'm tracing underneath is perfect for 3Dpen users.

Heather Baharally - 3D Pen Artist

Doodling, with all its possibilities captivated me a year and a half ago and I haven’t been able to stop since. I’ve come to try out, improve, and invent various techniques for innovative creations using a 3D Pen. With this 3D design mat I can now take my 3D art to a whole new level. Creating shapes with difficult straight or curved lines is much faster and easier. Structures and designs I wouldn’t have dared to attempt in the past are coming out perfect. This in turn is getting my creative juices flowing and I’m getting more excited about things I can create. The 3DMate design mat is a must have for any 3D Pen user

Heiki Palm - 3D Pen Artist, Estonia