3Dmate TRIO Complete 3D Pen Design Kit

3Dmate TRIO Complete 3D Pen Design Kit

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3Dmate TRIO includes:

+ 1 unit x 3Dmate BASE Design Mat ($50 Value) 
+ 1 unit x 3Dmate PLA Filament Bundle: 25 colors x 20ft each = 500ft ($40 Value) 
+ 1 unit x 3Dmate ONE - 3D Printing Pen ($35 Value)

3Dmate™  BASE is a multi-purpose transparent 3D silicone mat.  A creation tool for building and creating designs using a 3D pen.  Suitable and fun for all levels - from beginner to expert, kids and adults.

3Dmate PLA Filament Bundle contains 25 popular bright multi color filaments. Including 4 fluorescent and 2 glow in the dark colors. 25 colors x 20ft each = 500ft

3DmateOne 3D Printing Pen - Reliable, small and comfortable to use 3D Pen. 

  • Supports both type of filament: ABS and PLA
  • Min working current is 2A, lower energy consumption
  • Adjustable drawing speed (3 Speed Levels)
  • LED Display
  • Directly shows the filament type and speed level
  • Temperature adjustment for PLA and ABS plastic filaments
  • Ceramic tip for heat insulation
  • Detachable Nozzle Set- Easy to take off for clean up or repair
  • Portable - Can be used outdoors with USB Power Bank
  • Compatible with 3DmateOne filament
  • One button press to draw
  • Compact and ergonomic design for comfort

Example Creation:

  • Simple Cube
  • Glasses
  • Ferris Wheel

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  • What age should you be

    3Dmate pen user should be over 8 years old and work under adult supervission.
    Kaz B
    3Dmate Support

  • What do you do when your nozzle leaks into the black cover

    Hi there,
    Please contact us at : and let us know your order number, we will arrange nozzle replacement.
    Thank you 
    Kaz B.

  • Is there a power supply adapter available?

    Thank you or the question. 
    The pen works with any PC or laptop USB plug. It also works with most of the power banks and phone chargers.

  • My son received this for Christmas. The filament didn’t heat enough on the lower temperature for it to connect. I’ve been trying to heat the pen to the higher temperature for an hour now! The red light won’t stop blinking! Is it defective? What do I do??

    Hi  Please try plugging it into regular PC or laptop USB outlet or Power Bank, It should solve the problem  Best regards KB

  • I have had this pen for less than a year an it has worked great but the cable stopped working. And I don’t know what kind of cable it is what should I do.

    Please contact us with order number at

    We will help you 
    Best Regards 

  • where can I buy the 3d mate base stencils

    Thank you for your question.
    One of the places is - for example :

  • What is that filaments diameter?

    Filament diameter that the pen accepts is 1.75mm. Thank you for the question.